Tokyo Romantic Market
Tokyo Romantic Market
Dogenzaka Flea Market

TOKYO ROMANTIC DOGENZAKA FLEA MARKET proudly present these shops and restaurants on Sun. 27 May 2018.

Antiques & Vintages

  • AWESOME (vintage tools : from Tokyo)
  • KOLBENOVA (table wares, cloths from east & middle Europe)
  • seaTA Antique (vintage tools and staffs from France,U.K. & U.S.)
  • edokoro (Japanese antiques from 1890's to 1980's)
  • Ditty Tools (vintage goods and tools : from Tokyo)
  • doremifa (German antiques)
  • Zakkaten Hyakusui (antiques and vingtage tools : from Tokyo)
  • PiENiKöTA (vintage furnitures and tools : from Saitama)
  • Kura Fifty (vingate fabrics, folk tools : from Fukushima)
  • COxLABO antiques (vintage furnitures and tools : from Gunma)
  • GATE-1 (Euro military clothes and goods : from Tokyo)
  • KSCOVO (cutleries, kitchen tools british style confectioneries and goods : from Tokyo)
  • Sändmänn (German antiques and staffs)
  • Kakaya (antiques and vintage tools : from Tochigi)
  • HaikaraDo (antiques and remake furnitures : from Ibaraki)
  • Himatsubushi (vintage tools and craft : from Chiba)
  • tsujiden (Japanese old tools)
  • U.K.Antique Market ANCHOR (antiques and silver wares)
  • OLD PLAN (Fire-king tablewares, vintage buttons and staffs)
  • Les coquines (French vintage accessories and staffs)
  • kimono-koshida-japan (kimonos and Japanese accessories)

Crafts and Ethno

  • pokipcee (Indian and Uzbekistan goods : from Kanagawa)
  • CYARINA (Kilims and accessories)
  • CalmoPasar (vintage tools and collage works : from Tokyo)
  • CROSS (woodworks)


  • SUSU (knitting accessories)
  • HOLOHOLO biyori (bags made from dungarees : from Kanagawa)
  • chichi (original accessories by using gems and freshwater pearls)
  • Cowries (original reconstructed tribal jewelries using plastics)
  • ERINA IMADA Jewelry (original silver accessories)
  • & an (woody crafts : from Tokyo)
  • C'est mignon! (children’s clothing and more : from Tokyo)
  • 32flavors (antique beads accessories)
  • Takahori Hiroko (original knit, clothes and T-shirts)
  • Les jours joyeux (original bags and pouches)
  • hito-shizuku (stamps made of erasers : from Tokyo)
  • Yukinko (gourd sundries)
  • Ceskariko (handmade costume jewelries)
  • refuge (ceramics, accessories and cloths)
  • Curva (accessories and jewelries)
  • munico (indigo-dyed & Mud-dyed children’s clothing)
  • Nana (cross stitch tote bags)

Plants, Organic Vegetable, Food & Drinks

  • Hakumokuren (dry plants accessories)
  • flower works Lhotse (plants and flowers from Kanagawa)
  • TokowaShokubutsuen (succulent plant and air plants from Tokyo)
  • zakka hanako (handicrafts, antiques, retros and staffs)
  • urikke (live and dried flowers)
  • Jivana Farm (organic vegetable from Ibaraki)
  • PEACE GRILL (hamburgers from Ibaraki)
  • Mamesuke (hand dripped coffee)

ShibuyaNanpeidai Neighbourhood Association Bazaar Booths


invitation to Japanese Antiques... TOKYO ROMANTIC MARKET

May is season of green tea.

It is said that the best tea leaves should be picked on HACHIJYUHACHIYA (means the 88th night from the beginning of spring). It corresponds around the beginning of May. There is a culture to enjoy tea in Japan and Japanese are said to enjoy green tea. Green tea is like black tea in England. It is made pouring hot water into a pot with tea leaves. The tea leaves are green because they are not fermented. This type of tea is called SENCHA, it is different from MATCHA used in Cha No Yu (so-called Japanese Style Tea Ceremony). Enjoying SENCHA tea is more casual culture than stylish Cha No Yu. Japanese have been enjoyed SENCHA tea daily using special tools like tea pots, cups, tea canisters, tea spoons, trays and so on.

You may come across these kind of tools and works in...

Tea : KUMAGAIKOGYOKUEN ; Gokujyo-Jikayo-Sencha

Tea Spoon :
Creator : USA, TATSUKUMA 1960's ; smoked bamboo

Tea Cup
Creator : UNKNOWN 1950's? ; Agano-Yaki*

Tea Pot
Creator : IROKU 1980's? ; Banko-Yaki**

Agano-YakiEarthenware / located in Fukuoka prefecture
It is very light.
Accidental colouring has beautifully happened when it was fired.

Banko-YakiStoneware / located in Mie prefecture
It is hard and tight.
The hardness of the material makes it possible to cut it beautiful multi-sided surface.

You may come across these kinds of ceramics and tools in...

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