Tokyo Romantic Market

TOKYO ROMANTIC SHIBUYA FLEA MARKET proudly present these shops and restaurants on Sun. 13 January 2019.

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Shop list - Antiques & Vintages

  • ALCHEMY (Japanese vintage & accessories - from Chiba)
  • Antique ICHIGETSUSANSYU (Old Tools & Fabrics - from Saitama)
  • Antique shop Ann (Ceramics, Tablewares, Laces & Old Books - from Saitama)
  • BERN and BITS(European and American goods : from Ibaraki)
  • Eureka(French vintage poster, accessories and so on)
  • Jewelry 240(vintage silver accessories from Yokohama)
  • kakaya (Antique & Old Tools - from Tochigi)
  • KOLBENOVA (Antiques & Vintages of East and Mid Europe - from Shinjuku-ku)
  • le goûter (Antiques & Brocante)
  • LOOPTOWN (Vintage tools, furnitures and so on)
  • millvalley (US sundries)
  • Mon Atelier COUTURE
  • n°form(U.K. antiques : from Saitama)
  • ONO (Antiques & Old Tools - from Kanagawa)
  • Queen's Hotel
  • Room No.12 (Moroccan sundries)
  • SHEEP WORKSHOP (European vintage buttons, fabrics and textiles)
  • Weekendcats (Cat Motif Vintage sundries - from Setagaya-ku)

Food & Drinks

  • BAKESHOP LOTERIE(cakes, cookies and lemonade)
  • Loco Loco

Shop list - Accessories & Crafts

  • cornucopiae (accessories made of brass and staffs)
  • Feb (accessories made of felt and staffs)
  • KUNIHARA Yukiko (dolls made from vintage clothes)
  • point de Japon (embroideries and laces)
  • Riverysland (ceramics and wooden sundries)
  • YOSHIDA Ryo(vintage silver accessories)

Shop list - botanical

  • Atrier Salon HANAKAORI(herbarium and staffs)
  • clap,clap,claps
  • hanabiyori
  • Rain or so(fresh and dry wreaths)
  • Shippohatomodachi

ShibuyaNanpeidai Neighbourhood Association Bazaar Booths

  • Residents of Shibuya Nanpeidaicho

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