Tokyo Romantic Market

Tokyo Romantic Market is an flea market which is held in the central area of Tokyo. 100 shops come together in the garden of Shibuya Garden Tower. We proudly present Japanese, Chinese, European, American and Worlds antiques and vintages. Also, you will find quality handicrafts, accessories, fine art, folk art, folk tools, organic foods, plants, flowers & bouquets and more.


  • Sun. 13 Oct. ( CANCELLED )
  • Sun. 10 Nov. ( 2nd Sunday )
  • Sun. 8 Dec. ( 2nd Sunday )
  • Sun. 12 Jan. ( 2nd Sunday )
  • Sun. 9 Feb. ( 2nd Sunday )
  • Sun. 8 Mar. ( 2nd Sunday )

10:00 to 16:00


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Tokyo Romantic Market

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